be your Personal SEOClerks Affiliate Assistant

Be your Personal SEOClerks Affiliate Assistant

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Welcome to the Sales Page of: The #1 Seller AND Top Affiliate on SEOClerks, (click image above to see how he does it) I will be your Personal Affiliate Assistant to assure you are not a Loser!! I Won TWO out of then THREE SEOClerks Affiliate Contests, and have NOT Revealed my Methods Publicly!! Please SEE MY STATS: I will reveal with you ALL my Contest Methods, Ad Reports, & Data (that I kept perfect record of) I will reveal ALL Data and incoming Links from my List of Referrals at the Time -as Seen HERE (censored) See Flyer: Nothing will be released on ComClerks, I will only Advertise this Gig there until I sell three (I am the admin) Have sold 1 of 3 so far. I ONLY have 3 total SPOTS available (1 taken) I know what Converts. I know what doesn't. Just $65 Bucks short of 1st PLACE from Contest #1 (and 1st Winner was never heard from since) CLICK HERE TO SEE CONTEST STATS PAGE ON SEOCLERKS BLOG Although we came in 2nd Place, we had TWICE the amount of Affiliates than the 1st Place Winner, and we had the Smallest Margin (just $65) out of ALL the Contest Winners (except 6th & 7th Place). CLICK HERE TO SEE OUR AFFILIATE SEARCH RANKINGS HERE The SEOClerks Contest Page on the Blog was created beginning of March 2013 and is already Trending on Twitter and Ranking on Page 1 of Bing!! (click screenshot below): OUR CONTEST AFFILIATE LINK RANKED HIGHER THAN THE ACTUAL PAGE ON SEOClerks!! Click Screenshots for more!!! See Screenshots below of our Affiliate Stats: This was a Screenshot taken on Oct. 24th, 2012 (just 12 days into the Contest): and here is a Screenshot taken AFTER the Contest ended on Dec. 12th, 2012: WE gained more than 110 Affiliates in just TWO Months!! (Now, we gain 110 affiliates every 4 days) So if you want to know what we did to Win 2nd Place in the 1st Contest with 184 Sales worth $1,657, and 1st Place in our 2nd, Order this Gig and you will be shown IN DETAIL, the exact methods I used to gain my Affiliates. This is no simple task, and there is no ONE ANSWER to being the TOP Affiliate. There are MANY small facts that I learned during this process. The main thing is that I learned about what Converts, and what doesn't. The reason I didn't win the 2nd Contest, was because I had been hired by SEOClerks to generate new Members for them using my methods used in the Contest, therefore I was NOT qualified to Compete in the that Contest. You can be assured that I will hold nothing back when it comes to details. Because I have nothing to lose. FOLLOW US:

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